Product review: ASICS Kayano Lite Show 24

ASICS Kayano Lite Show 24

Speed read:

  • Stability shoe
  • Soft underfoot cushioned feel
  • Ideal for long distances
  • Flytefoam mid sole
  • Improved heel clutch system
  • Approximately £110

How do they look?

I bought the navy blue, turquoise and pink ones (as shown in the photo). They are definitely much chunkier than my other ASICS trainers which definitely makes my feet look and feel bigger. Most likely because they are so cushioned. However, I’ve been wanting a pair of navy blue shoes for ages (one of my favourite colours) and these are perfect!

What I really love about these shoes though, and the real reason I bought this particular model, is that they are part of the “Lite Show” range. This means that they are reflective (a nice little purple two tone) in the dark so they will be perfect for winter running.

How do they feel?

Considering how much bulkier they first look than normal neutral trainers, the Kayano Lite-Show 24’s are actually pretty lightweight coming in at 263g (which is broadly on par with the popular neutral shoes: ASICS Nimbus, Nike Pegasus, Adidas Ultra Boost and the Brooks Adrenaline).

For those of you who are interested in the “drop”, the heel is 25mm and the forefoot is 12mm, which means the drop is approx 10mm.  I can’t really feel the drop from heel to toe but I do feel like i’m raised off the ground generally.

There is a spacious toe box and they are normal width. In terms of sizing, I used to wear a size 7.5 in Adidas but I wear a size 8 in ASICS. They all generally come up quite small so I would go up half a size, particularly if you plan on wearing these shoes for long distance as your feet will no doubt expand.

I have worn them for a few different runs now- a couple of 5km’s and a marathon. Once I had re-laced them the way I like (with elephant ears), they felt supportive and secure – much like I would expect. The Flytefoam technology has definitely improve the comfort factor- they feel a lot spongier than previous models of the Kayano.

Are the Kayano’s right for you?

The Kayano is an everyday support shoe for runners who tend to overpronate (by that, I mean, you heel strike and then your foot rolls inwards by more than 15 degrees).  If you aren’t sure what running style you have, you can get your gait analysed at most specialist running shops. Alternatively you can check your trainers to see where they are most worn. If they are worn on the inside of the toe box and the heel then you most likely overpronate.

If this sounds like you (it’s definitely me), then you are in luck – the Kayano’s are designed just for runners like us. In fact, it may be one of their most popular and successful shoes. There is definitely debate amongst the experts on whether support/stability shoes can help overpronation. I’m not sure what my verdict is yet as I wear both supportive and neutral trainers and like them both for different reasons.  However, if i’m doing distance running and I plan on being on my feet for a long time, I want the most cushioned/supportive show I can find.


So far I am really impressed. Yes, okay, they are slightly heavier than my favourite neutral shoes. But that is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something more supportive and sturdy to wear on my long runs and these fit the bill perfectly – so much so, I will definitely be considering wearing them for my upcoming ultra marathons.